About US

Kaarmaya Fabrics is a reputed name in the manufacturing of quality fabrics all over Pakistan. We are in a league of our own and what sets us apart is our dedication, experience, respect for the craft along with our love for innovation. We believe in incorporating our expertise with the needs of the changing times.
Our passion and vision has enabled us to satisfy our costumers in the past and we intend to carry on with the legacy in the future. Hence, after years and years of supplying fabric to the leading brands in the market, we have finally decided to step up and take the reins in our own hands. So, we are proudly presenting to you our own fabric, the labor of our love, with our own brand name Kaarmaya.
We are the pioneers in the manufacturing of blended fabrics. We work on a vertically integrated unit where our will to improve does not let us settle for anything other than the best. Here, we experiment with fibers, yarns and their finishing. We take a personal interest in the fabric feel and hand enhancement, maintaining the highest quality standards.
The aim is to produce material that does not only appeal to the eye and is luxuriously comfortable to wear, but one that retains its good quality. So, our passionate and sincere efforts have enabled us to carve a niche in the manufacturing of abrasion resistant finish that makes us a cut above.
So, come and be a part of this legacy and let us dress you up in style.


Introducing Fabric Meter

For the very first time in Pakistan, Kaarmaya is introducing the fabric meter that makes online shopping of fabrics, a lot easier.
The Founder’s mission is to have people shop online without the fear of expectations. It is a big problem in the e-commerce industry that customer’s expectations aren’t met. For that purpose, Kaarmaya has introduced the fabric meter which will inform the user of the exact thickness of the fabric in unit GSM. This meter is placed on each and every product page of our website and let’s the user see its thickness before an order is placed.
We have a variety of fabric, manufactured with different kinds of materials and each material is assigned a GSM value so its thickness can be determined. For a fair comparison, the fabric meter has two extreme ends namely, fine net and shawl. What stands midway is Chairman Latha as that fabric sits in between